Hearing Aids

Hearing Device Styles

Hearing technology has experienced rapid and considerable change in recent years. That change has made hearing devices:

  • More cosmetically appealing than ever before
  • Provide a higher quality of sound due to the use of digital rather than analog processing
  • More automated and easy to use
  • Provide more comfort and many options

At Dallas Ear, Nose & Throat, we offer a variety of hearing aids. Many of today's hearing instruments are smaller than a dime. Some are virtually invisible! Even the more powerful hearing devices that sit behind one's ear are available in "miniature" styles. Your hearing professional will help you choose the size that is correct for you based on your level of hearing loss, your lifestyle and your manual dexterity.

Ongoing Support

Your hearing solution doesn't end when we fit you with your new technology. Our hearing care professionals are available for any adjustments you may need and to ensure your new hearing devices are functioning properly. Additionally, proper maintenance of your new hearing technology is vital to ensure it is functioning at its best. We recommend you visit our office to have your hearing technology cleaned and checked every 4-6 months.

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